An Introduction

Hi, I’m Max. Maybe you’ve heard the saying,”I have the best of both worlds.” At the age of 10, my family and I moved from our very rural fourth-generation ranch operation in Logan County, Kansas to Manhattan, Kansas. For me, this was earth-shaking, but it allowed (and forced) me to have the best of both worlds, in more than just the geographical aspect.

From that point on I would spend my school years in a larger city – Manhattan, Topeka, Hays, and my summers back at the ranch. I was lucky to have excellent education, both formal and informal. Raised by a rancher-entrepreneur for a father and a marketing guru for a mother, I was able to learn the fundamentals of successful business practices and eventually put them into practice.

Each summer in high school I would live with my grandparents at the ranch headquarters. My grandpa Larry would teach me to build fences, work cattle, and fix small engines. He would also teach me how he created a successful business through innovative thinking and steadfast principles. His influence rivals that of my five-year college experience.

Upon graduating high-school, I allowed my mind to be open to as many opportunities as I could take in. Knowing I could sing, I decided to pursue my passion of music, but knew I could not abandon my inclination for business – so I did both. Making my way through a music performance (voice) undergraduate degree while building and running a small business has been my way of pursuing these two unique passions. Over my five years of college I would participate in as much music as I could stand, start a business, buy a house, and find as many good friends as possible.

Since graduating in May of 2016, I began to contemplate the idea of a blog…a blog to share my past experiences and to put into words my conception of what may lie ahead as a musician and business person. After 18 years of formal schooling, it’s time for me to learn and experience life through the lens of experience and relationships, business and personal. Starting a blog to share what I have learned and continue to learn seems like an ideal way for me connect with people and gain from their experiences.

This blog will mainly entail my firsthand experiences regarding business, college, music and performing, and strategies for success. Let’s forge a path together.

~ Max